Building competency. Transforming lives.

Lloyd Wilson – Vehicle Procurement Specialist at CarLoans

What I like the most about being an ARCie is getting the experience and the qualification at the same time. After finishing school I had been working casual jobs for a while but really wanted a permanent job to start a career.

The hands-on learning aspect of my traineeship has really helped me develop professionally and I would love to start my own business one day. ARC are great, they supported me through the interview process, during my first week and are always available if I have any questions.

Working in an office with really good culture has been fantastic; everybody works at their own pace and is very supportive of each other. ARC has been great so fa, and I would definitely recommend them to others.

Alyce Keating – Sales Support Officer at Team Leasing

If it wasn’t for ARC, I wouldn’t have won the Committee’s High Achievement Award for Vocational Training Excellence at the Central & Northern Sydney Regional Training Awards. After finishing school and living in Germany for a yea, I consider uni and some private colleges but ultimately a traineeship with ARC has been the best path for me and i would definitely recommend it.

The great thing about studying and working at the same time is implementing what I am learning straight into the job. I’m quite a visual learner so the hands-on leaning works really well for me.

One of the greatest things has been the company’s ability to take me on board and not expect too much of me. Having other ARCies here is great, they’ve been so supportive and I’m gradually being giving more responsibility in my role.