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MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices | Delivered Under Smart and Skilled

This qualification specifies the competencies required to apply competitive systems and practices to own work and where required to assist to apply competitive systems and practices to their work.

The qualification provides a mix of introductory and advanced skills needed to improve efficiency in a person’s own work role to the efficiency of a team or work area. It complements but does not duplicate qualifications supplying operational, production, maintenance, logistics, administration or other technical skills to industry.

The skills in this qualification are often know in industry under a variety of titles such as lean manufacturing, agile manufacturing, lean operations, six sigma and lean sigma.

Possible job roles include:

Job roles related to this qualification may be in small or large organisations and include individuals who must support, facilitate or lead the work of others. For example, team leaders, process or operational specialists in production, office, transport and logistics, members of project teams implementing competitive systems and practices, and other job roles which require similar skills. The qualification can also apply to tradespersons in a maintenance or production role.

Become an expert in process manufacturing and strengthen your career in one of the key Australian industries. Regardless of possible future innovations such as more robots, droids or 3D printing, there will always be work in manufacturing.